What Chores Can The Kids Do? | Age Appropriate Job List!

This is a really important subject! So many kids are growing up without learning basic household skills ... Get them off YouTube and get them learning some Life Skills! So when they eventually leave home they won't be left wondering how to wash their clothes! Don't forget to check out the #LifeSkills section of the ...

#LifeSkills: How To Change Your Bedding

  oooo this is a goodie!!  Hands up who would love their kids to be able to do this job? Get them to watch this video and you'll be able to sit down have a cuppa and watch them do it!   https://youtu.be/4aPA8ru-k7Q

The Weekend: When You’ve Got Kids!

The weekend ... I look forward to you every single week ... but man you've changed .... you're just not the same now I've got kids! https://youtu.be/agTNw9eVQ5M

#LifeSkill: How To Clean Your Clothes!

Over the  next few weeks I am going to be sharing some basic household jobs that are essential to getting by in life! So if you know anyone that is just about to move out of home (or if you are about to fly the nest!) then give them a watch! The first life skill ...

1 Week Boot Camp! For When You’ve Lost Control of The Housework!

GET YOUR HOME BACK TO ITS BEST IN JUST ONE WEEK! Ok soldier this is NOT going to be an easy week ... but if you want a clean home at the end of it then I am afraid you are just going to have to suck it up. So shoulders back, roll up your sleeves ...

Slow Cooker Chipotle Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork has been having a bit of a moment recently - not surprising really, it tastes amazing! This is a really really REALLY easy way of making it! You can either serve it on rolls with loads of apple sauce, or you can serve it with mashed potatoes (yummy!) Serves 4 https://youtu.be/-IPd8-XL5q0

How To Cope When Your Kids Get Sick: What To Do When The Sick Bug Strikes!

Do you remember the time before kids, when you were able to go to bed for as long as it took for you to recover? WELL THOSE DAYS ARE OVER SOLDIER!  Now you are a parent, getting sick is a luxury that you can ill afford (see what I did there?!) Prevention is KEY!   I ...

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