Slow Cooker Veggie Bean Chilli (Dairy Free)

Corr!!! This is a goodie and it is so versatile! Serve it with rice, or in a wrap for a burrito type deal!     Advertisements

Lessen The Load! Five Ways To Simplify Your Life! (and become happier!)

  I bet if I asked you to sit down now and list all the things that you are thinking about/need to do/think you should be doing, we'd be here a while waiting for you to write it all down! Without a doubt, life is getting busier and the sweet irony of it all is ...

Living Room Day! See How I Do It!

So many people have commented on the fact that I have a white sofa, three kids and a dog ... I think some of you are concerned for my sanity! I promise you it works! See how I tackle Mondays on TOMM!

Meal Plan: Week Commencing 8th January 2018

  Hello menu planners! This is the first week back at work and school proper in our house and we are going for a more of a veggie hit than normal with TWO WHOLE MEAT FREE DAYS!!!ย ๐Ÿ˜‚   Monday Slow Cooker Potato and Spinach Korma Tuesday Fish Goujon Wraps with sweetcorn and beetroot salad Wednesdayย Slow ...

Level 1 Jobs Free Printable

It seems that lots of you like a good old checklist! So after MANY requests for a printable version of the daily jobs here it is ... โค๏ธ Don't forget you can watch my level 1 jobs video here You can download the free printable for the level 1 jobs hereย level 1 jobs PDF Please ...

Slow Cooker Arrabiata

The slow cooker is used here to get the ultimate flavour from the tomatoes AND it is ready when you get home from work ... WINNING! Serve with pasta for a tasty meat-free dish!

Be Your Future Friend | How I Stay Motivated!

Seeing as it is New Year and all ... I thought what better time to talk about my philosophyย towards life. Now don't get me wrong I don't win all the time but this simple rule to live by often stands me in good stead! The premise is very very simple. Whenever I think about a ...

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