Let’s Start Thinking About (whispers) Christmas (bear with me…..)

I KNOW I KNOW it is still August. BUT ...... The Big Man will be here before you know it and if you want to have an #organisedchristmas ย then you need to stick with me! I LOVE Christmas (LOVE IT! .... last year I was so excited I was up before the kids!) but when ...

Good Mums Have Sticky Floors? How To Avoid The Mum Guilt Trap and Be Happier Just The Way You Are!

  I think a good mum is a good mum. FULL STOP. We come in all different guises: Sporty mums, fashionista mums (not meย ๐Ÿ˜‚), uber chilled mums and mums that like Pringles a little too much (that's me!) How those memes have haunted me over the years! Personally, when I have a clean and tidy ...

My Toddler is a Sleep Thief! How I Cope With Sleep Deprivation!

I think there is a very good chance that Ben is turning nocturnal ... in my lastest vlog I talk about how I cope with a woeful lack of sleep! Gem x  

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Steam Cleaner!| Top Tips For Your Steam Cleaner and Steam Mop

So many of you asked me to make this video! It seems that there are many steam mops (with strange looking attachments) languishing in your cupboards because you are not quite sure how to put them to good use. No more my friends ... give this video a watch!   https://youtu.be/LS8r7ZRCwNs

Your Questions Answered!

So I invited you all to send in your questions (I said they could have been about absolutely anything as long as they weren't rude ๐Ÿคฃ) ....   https://youtu.be/XzD_Aa4HVQg

#LifeSkills | Kitchen

  Food poisoning is NOT fun! In my latest #lifeskills video I show you how to keep your kitchen clean and safe so you don't get sick.   https://youtu.be/X6tMHh6FGUg

How Do You Cook Lamb In The Slow Cooker? | This Way is Foolproof!

I used to be intimidated by roasting lamb in the oven - I was always scared about drying it out ... then in stepped the slow cooker and it was all alright again ! https://youtu.be/v9ssAHQB_CY

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