Do You Shuffle Around the Supermarket like a Zombie? Two Words: Menu Plan!

  Do you ever find yourself wandering aimlessly around the Co-Op of an evening wondering what the hell you are going to have for dinner? Add a couple of whiney kids to the mix and I can pretty much guarantee you that this isn't your ideal way to spend your time. So you stick a ...


Thanks for all your support so far! Please give me your feedback.

This blog is such a baby - only a few days old and already I have had lots of lovely comments from manyΒ of you. Thank you all very much, it's great to know that not only are people reading about The Organised Mum MethodΒ (!) but that I have been helping others to get a handle ...


One Off Jobs!

  Clean out spice rack Shampoo carpets (check care instructions) Clean curtains (check care instructions) Wash duvet and pillows Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms Test doorbell Feel free to message me with more ideas πŸ™‚  


Friday Focus Week 8: Garden/Outside Space

You no doubt will have more work to do in your garden (if you have one) in the summer! But your outside space deserves love too and shouldn't be neglected! Clean the front door step Buy some seasonal flowers/plants and plant them in a planter by your front door Weed any flowerbeds Sweep patio Clean ...


Friday Focus Week 7: Dining Room and Spare Rooms/Study

Spare rooms, studies and dining rooms can turn into a bit of a grave yard for junk, so you may find that you spend most of your time in this area sorting through piles of stuff and putting them away in their proper home! Hoover under furniture Dust everything including skirting boards Clean windows and ...


Friday Focus Week 6: Entrance Hall and Stairs

First impressions count and as this is the first place you see when you come into your home, make sure you are creating a clean, calm space! Remember just spend 30 minutes on this! Good luck! Go through coats and shoes and make sure you only have the ones you wear regularly in the entrance ...


Friday Focus Week 5: Master Bedroom

The Main bedroom often gets forgotten and usually turns into a bit of a dumping ground. So spend 30 minutes in here today and turn it back into your little bolthole! Hoover under the furniture, including under the bed Flip the mattress Dust everything including the skirting boards Clean windows and mirrors Go through your ...

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