Category: Project Pick Me Up! For when you feel a bit .. well .. crap!

Project Pick Me Up| Week 4

Woah there! Massive epiphany moment this week ....ย totes emosh! Here is the latest Project Pick Me Up update ... Advertisements

It is me or the house …. it can never be both…or can it?!

Am I allowed to admit that I spend more time styling and faffing with myย house than I do with my nails, hair or make-up? I can't believe I have just admitted this ๐Ÿ˜‚ย I can lose hours moving around furniture, only to look up realise that it is 3pm and I have to rush out of ...

Project Pick me Up | Week 3 … the one where I party!

  Week 3 was a good one! Things are definitely on the UP!

Project Pick Me Up |Week 2

Two weeks in and things are going really well! I can feel a massive improvement in my mood and I am SO much happier! Watch the vid for my weekly round up ๐Ÿ™Œ

Project Pick Me Up: Week 1

I have only one word to describe week 1 ... weird!

Project Pick Me Up! My mission to get back on top form begins!

Hi everyone!ย  I have not been feeling myself recently. I am tired my skin is dull, I am getting stressed and anxious easily and I'm just generally feeling below par. So I want to do something about it.ย  This is very personal to me and I know this is well away from my usual topics ...