Organised Christmas: Week 5

It is Week 5 of #organisedchristmas! 🎄.

😍 I think you are going to like this week! 😍

This week’s job is to go through all your Christmas decorations.

Do you have enough?

Have you got any broken ones that need replacing?

Do you want to go for a whole new colour scheme this year?


Check it all and make a list of anything you need on your phone. This way you can take advantage of the early bird offers on decorations as and when you see them! If you have a list of what you already on your phone then it will also stop you overbuying on impulse and this will keep your costs down 👍 It is so easy to get excited when the glittery stuff appears in the shops 🤣

Having your decs prepped is going to make decking the halls much easier and ENJOYABLE. There is nothing more frustrating than bigging up the big switch on to find your lights don’t work or realising that all your baubles are broken!

Remember the whole purpose of #organisedchristmas is make Christmas enjoyable for YOU again! I firmly believe that decorating the tree should be a fun time (that ideally involves some wine, Noddy Holder a delightfully tacky Christmas jumper!) it really gets you in the Christmas mood. Making a mad dash to Homebase does not! Get it done this week and when the tree decorating day arrives you will be all set!

…until next time, festive high fives all round! 🙌


Organised Christmas: TEMPLATE

So many of you have asked for a printable template of The Organised Christmas Plan! It seems like that you all like the satisfaction of ticking off the jobs! … print it off … stick it on your fridge, in your diary, wherever you want!

Here’s how to use it ….Follow along with the weekly tasks that I set for you every Monday (on here, Instagram or Facebook – the choice is yours), fill in the jobs for that week, tick them off and get ready to have a stress free and totally organised Christmas!

DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE HERE  It is totally free to download!

All I ask is if you are following along please please share the blog on your social media pages 😍


Gem x


Organised Christmas: Week 4


It’s time for us to step back into our elf alter egos! And this week it starts to get GOOOOD!

🌟 The main task for this week is to set your budget. I want you to think about everything. Food, pressies, travel costs, also plan for all the little miscellaneous things that can often add up to quite a hefty sum … wrapping paper, cards, stamps, batteries … your budget can be as detailed as you like but the most important thing is that it’s realistic! My top tip is to work out how many more paydays you have until the big day. This will tell you how much money is coming your way and you can then work backwards to set your budget.

The other golden rule is to not overstretch yourself! Try this: Go and ask your kids what they got for Christmas last year …. I bet there will be a bit of head scratching as both them (and you) try to remember. This will put it into perspective! It is much better to buy one memorable gift than lots of plastic tat! January is sucky enough as it is but it is even more sucky if you’re skint!

🌟 The next task is to work out WHO you are going to be buying for and then set a limit for each person (I may or may not make a spreadsheet for all this 😂) Start to think about WHAT you want to buy people. This is a really good time to set your kid’s expectations! They might be dreaming of an iphone 8 (Tom I’m looking at you!) but your budget might nearer to the Nokia 3210! You can now start buying 😁 😁😁 … but heed my word of warning. Buy early for relatives as their wants are fairly static ,but hold your nerve a bit on the pressies for the kids … they might have a last minute want (not good when you’ve spent all the cash!) Your main aim is to get all gifts bought and wrapped by November 30th. This is when my kids know that the Christmas list can’t be changed!

Until next time! Don’t forget to stick to the four main elf food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup ❤️

The Organised Christmas: Week 3


🎄 Week 3 of the Organised Christmas 🎄
Can you believe we are on week 3 already? Seriously … as sure as eggs is eggs this time is going to FLY and before we know it will be mid November! But fear not we’ll be fine, we’ll have the bulk of it all done and be as calm as can be!
Ok so let’s get straight to the nitty gritty with this week’s jobs:
🌟 Have a freezer clear out! Is there a lonely box of frozen mince pies lurking from Christmas last year?! How about a half eaten Vienetta? Ditch any suspicious looking packages and try to use up as much food as you can so that you don’t waste any. If necessary defrost your freezer too. This means that if you want to do any baking in advance your freezer will be in a lovely state to receive all the gorgeous festive goodies!
🌟 Advent calendars. Now if you normally see lots of fancy schmancy calendars but never get round to ordering one in time then this year will be your year to get one! There are lots of nifty ones … Lego ones, Gin and Tonic ones, beauty ones and OMG have you seen the ALDI one???? Some are on sale now (you can get the Lego ones now) and some are ready to pre order. These sell out fast! So if this sort of thing floats your boat then have a little paruse! MIKE I WANT THE YANKEE CALENDAR ONE (it is IN STOCK!) 🤣

Have a wonderful week everyone … not in the festive mood yet? Don’t be a cotton-headed ninny-muggins. 😆

The Organised Christmas: Week 2

🎄 Week 2 of The Organised Christmas!🎄

The feedback I have had from you all has been fab, it is so exciting! Thank you for letting me know what you’ve been up to all week. You’ve booked visits to pantos, grotto tickets, hotel rooms and loads of you have signed up to the delivery savers at the supermarkets!

So want to know what’s in store this week? …..

🌟 Out with the old …. have a toy and clothes cull. Got to make room for the new stuff coming your way. Be ruthless! Either donate, bin or list on selling sites (this way you can rake in a bit more cash for pressie buying! BONUS)

🌟 If you know that you will be travelling to see family via train book your tickets as early as you can. They will be so much cheaper!

🌟 If you want to plan an Xmas get together then pick the date NOW and send out save the date messages to everyone. People get booked up quickly at Xmas so get in there early to make sure that people can make it – it was also give them loads of time to get a babysitter sorted if the need to!

Until next time elves …. don’t forget to spread the Christmas Cheer singing loud for all to hear! 😍 😜

The Organised Christmas: Week 1


🎄 Hello elves!🎄 Excited?! I am 😂

It is week 1 of the #organisedchristmas plan! If you want to have it all wrapped up come December 1st then hold my hand and I’ll guide you through the madness! Each Monday I will give you a small list for you to complete over the course of the coming week. This way it will all seem much less daunting, nice and easy does it 😀

So without further ado…

This week’s tasks are:

🎄 If you have young kids in primary school then find out when the Nativity is. This way anyone who wants to come along can make sure they book the time off work. This is particularly important for people who work shifts or work in an environment where leave has to be scheduled far in advance.

🎄 Food! I have an online delivery saver with my supermarket. And this gives me a PRIORITY Xmas delivery slot 🙌 Well worth it in my opinion! I don’t want to be stomping around the aisles fighting for my turkey! I want to be drinking wine whilst the very nice people deliver it all to my door! So if this floats your boat sign up for it this week! Check the small print and see if your supermarket gives you a priority slot.

🎄 Book your tickets to see The Big Dude in the red suit! The popular events sell out FAST! I know lots of you have already booked this is! So if you’re not already on it then get on this week! If the event you want hasn’t got tickets on sale yet then find out when they do and get it in the diary!

🎄 If you want to do more Christmassy events then research them and book them in the diary now! This way you can spread the cost and be sure they won’t get booked up! Do you always say you’ll go to a panto/go ice skating but never get round to it? This is your year folks!

… until next week!

Gem x

Let’s Start Thinking About (whispers) Christmas (bear with me…..)

I KNOW I KNOW it is still August.
BUT …… The Big Man will be here before you know it and if you want to have an #organisedchristmas  then you need to stick with me!

I LOVE Christmas (LOVE IT! …. last year I was so excited I was up before the kids!) but when I became a mum it all got a bit stressy. I felt the pressure with the never ending list of “stuff” to do. The first couple of Christmases were spent chasing my tail and I didn’t feel like I enjoyed it as much (sound familiar?) So I devised a plan and I have stuck it each year since! This year I am sharing it with you ….

I always start my my prep at the start of September (The X Factor ads on the TV are my cue to start thinking about the Big Day!) So on the first Monday in Sept (4th Sept) I will be letting you all into my Christmas Countdown Plan!

To follow along make sure you are following me on Instagram or Facebook (or both if you really love me!!) If you stick with me the pressies will be sorted and wrapped, the house will be decorated and shiny and the food will all be planned. EVERYTHING sorted by Dec 1st. Which means you will have the rest of December free to enjoy the festivities and NOT be running round like a headless chicken! Sound good?
Look out for my WEEKLY social media posts every Monday starting from Sept 4th where I will give you a handful of jobs to complete at some point during that week. The #organisedchristmas Plan is super simple to follow and breaks all those daunting jobs down into bitesize chunks.
Ok let’s get back to summer ……

Gem x