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Christmas all prepped by December 1st? You betcha!

A Christmas Like Nigella’s?

  I love Nigella 😂 she is all aspirational and shiz! I mean she uses a brand new pan every time she cooks, so what's not to love 😜?! I was watching her show last night and I had to laugh at her arriving at her country retreat carrying what was CLEARLY an empty suitcase... ...

Fake Christmas Day | A Bray Family Tradition (The Vlog!)

So I promised you all that you were cordially invited via vlog to our Fake Christmas Day party ... and here it is 🎅 Advertisements

Fake Christmas | We have TWO Christmas Days!

We all know I lurrrvvvvvvvve the sh!t out of Christmas! But the trouble is that it is only one day of the year. Not in my house! We have two Christmas Days 😂 Now before you get concerned ... I am not one of those people you see on the news who has Christmas Day every ...

Organised Christmas: Week 13 (Final Week!)

  Organised Christmas WEEK 13 ...... FINAL WEEK 😆🎄🎅🙌 This is IT people. By the end of this week you'll be ready for Christmas and you can actually enjoy the season and RELAX! I am SO excited 😆 Without further ado.... ⭐️ Decorations go up in my house on Dec 1st ... so if you haven't put them ...

What We Will Be Eating This Christmas! | My Festive Food Choices.

So you all know that I LOVE food and I also LOVE Christmas so this is my perfect time of year 😃 But ...  I have to limit the festive foodie fun down to three days or I would be rolling into the New Year! Every year I plan special food days for Christmas Eve, ...

Top Ten Christmas Hacks | Festive Gamechangers!

As as mum of three, I have been doing Christmas Days for YEARS ... here are my top tips and workarounds!  (you're welcome) ❤️ Advertisements

Organised Christmas: Week 12

  Happy week 12 of #organisedchristmas 🎄 Ok Elves who is ready to start wrapping this up? 🙋🏻 (pun intended) It is the penultimate week, so enough of the chit chat let's get down to business... ⭐️ If you still have a few pressies left to buy then get them bought this week. Remember to wrap as you go! Aim ...