The Organised Christmas Printout!

My word you have all been waiting VERY patiently for this but we start tomorrow and I know that you will want to be all ready …so here it is The Organised Christmas printout ❤️

This is to go alongside the weekly prompts that I will be publishing on here and across my social media channels.

Every Monday for the next 13 weeks you will get a list of jobs to complete that week so that by December 1st you will be all set for the big day and actually able to enjoy the festive season for once!

All you need to do is fill in the jobs that apply to you and of course feel free to add anything that you need to do as well.

This year we are going to ROCK IT! 




A Christmas Like Nigella’s?


I love Nigella 😂 she is all aspirational and shiz! I mean she uses a brand new pan every time she cooks, so what’s not to love 😜?! I was watching her show last night and I had to laugh at her arriving at her country retreat carrying what was CLEARLY an empty suitcase… did you see it?! 😂 an Oscar performance it was not! I forgive her though … because she’s Nigella!

Anyway, it got me thinking about how we imagine Christmas to be and how it is in reality. So I made this … Remember that the aspirational images you see on TV are just that … aspirational! So enjoy them for the eye candy that they are and then bask in the glorious reality of your own version of festive fun!



Fake Christmas | We have TWO Christmas Days!

We all know I lurrrvvvvvvvve the sh!t out of Christmas! But the trouble is that it is only one day of the year. Not in my house! We have two Christmas Days 😂 Now before you get concerned … I am not one of those people you see on the news who has Christmas Day every day of the year!

There is a method to my madness … we don’t live close by to our family. We are a good 2 hour’s drive away and it can make the festive season tricky. When Mike and I first got together we didn’t want to have the annual discussion about who’s house we were going to spend Christmas Day at! Nor did we want to spend the day travelling up and down the motorway!

So we came up with a solution!

Each year on the first Saturday of December we have a family get together and make like it is Christmas Day. I mean we go the whole hog (or turkey!) have the Christmas dinner, wear our Christmas jumpers, play monopoly and the house is decorated in its full Christmas finery. Basically we go town!

In fact a couple of years ago our neighbours moved in on Fake Christmas and they were a bit perplexed when they popped round to introduce themselves and were greeted by a group of half tipsy, Christmas jumper wearing grinning loons! I did go round with a bottle of something fizzy the next day to explain! 🎅

And it is happening THIS WEEKEND … we are spreading the Christmas joy and having our Fake Christmas on Saturday and I am peeing myself a little I am so excited!

I am going to vlog about it … so make sure you look out for the YouTube vid, so you can watch all the festive shennigans (love that word!!)

Gem x

Organised Christmas: Week 13 (Final Week!)


Organised Christmas WEEK 13 …… FINAL WEEK 😆🎄🎅🙌
This is IT people. By the end of this week you’ll be ready for Christmas and you can actually enjoy the season and RELAX! I am SO excited 😆
Without further ado….
⭐️ Decorations go up in my house on Dec 1st … so if you haven’t put them up already (and I know some of you have!!) then you might like to spend the weekend festooning your home with festive brilliance! 🎄
⭐️ Put the cards that you got ready on week 9 in the post on December 1st 🎁

And that’s it … you are all done. Remember if you still have a few presents arriving from a Black Friday Blowout then have these wrapped and labelled by the end of this week.

I am going to miss writing these posts. It has been such a fun project. Have a wonderful time everyone. The most important thing now is to sit back, enjoy and RESIST the URGE OF THE CHRISTMAS TWITCH! 🤡Everything is DONE so there’s no need to panic buy last minute gifts or you’ll blow the budget 💋

What We Will Be Eating This Christmas! | My Festive Food Choices.

So you all know that I LOVE food and I also LOVE Christmas so this is my perfect time of year 😃

But …  I have to limit the festive foodie fun down to three days or I would be rolling into the New Year!

Every year I plan special food days for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Here is this year’s offering, hot off the press… Mike hasn’t even seen it yet!!

Christmas Eve (bit of a USA theme 🙌)

Breakfast: Homemade waffles, crispy smoked bacon with maple syrup. Mike bought me a waffle iron a few years back and it gets brought out on high days and holidays!

Lunch: Slow cooker chowder (dairy-free)

Dinner: Slow cooker sticky ribs (OMG!!), loaded crispy potato skins and homemade coleslaw.

Christmas Day: 

Breakfast: Champagne breakfast with cinnamon french toast and fruit compote.

Christmas Dinner: Ok before I go any further … we don’t have a turkey anymore…. we don’t really like it and I don’t want to pay £££££ on a massive piece of food that we don’t really like. So we splurge on a fab organic chicken instead.

  • Roast chicken served with pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, pork and apricot stuffing (this is Jamie Oliver’s recipe), braised red cabbage and root vegetable mash. Gravy (natch)
  • Christmas Pavlova… Mike will make this the day before and assemble it on the big day. He is awesome at them 💪

Christmas Day Supper: We are never really that hungry (who is?!) but we can’t go to bed without having something and it is Christmas …

Tapas … A selection of meats, cheeses (for Mike), caramelised balsamic red peppers with chorizo (recipe coming soon), quesadillas (recipe coming soon)


Boxing Day: 

Breakfast: Posh Full English … the FULL works!

Lunch: Leftover chicken, cranberry and stuffing sandwiches.

Dinner: Date Night Prawns with crusty bread. (the older boys will be at their dad’s)

And there you have it. Hopefully, it will give you a little bit of inspiration if you are still trying to finalise your festive offerings!

Happy Eating ❤️



Organised Christmas: Week 12


Happy week 12 of #organisedchristmas 🎄
Ok Elves who is ready to start wrapping this up? 🙋🏻 (pun intended) It is the penultimate week, so enough of the chit chat let’s get down to business…
⭐️ If you still have a few pressies left to buy then get them bought this week. Remember to wrap as you go! Aim to have all presents bought, wrapped, labelled and stored safely by November 30th.
⭐️ But 2 or 3 emergency gifts… generic bottles of wine for the grown ups and gift cards for the kiddies … just in case you find yourself in that totes awks situation where someone surprises you with a gift and you haven’t bought them one 🙈

until next week … now go fourth and spread the Christmas Magic!