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How Lorraine (a single mum who works full time) Rocks The Housework

We all lead very different lifestyles but the beauty of The Organised Mum Method is that it can be adapted to suit you! It is a flexible routine that is bringing balance to homes all over the world! Lorraine explains how she uses TOMM to keep on top of everything as a busy working mum. ...

Lessen The Load! Five Ways To Simplify Your Life! (and become happier!)

  I bet if I asked you to sit down now and list all the things that you are thinking about/need to do/think you should be doing, we'd be here a while waiting for you to write it all down! Without a doubt, life is getting busier and the sweet irony of it all is ...

Project Pick Me Up | Week 6

So the final week of Project Pick Me Up has come ... but how have I got on? Has it made a difference?

Project Pick Me Up |Week 5

So after last week's emotional epiphany, this week has been a lot calmer and I am getting somewhere! I THINK I have finally understood why I don't prioritise myself!

Project Pick Me Up| Week 4

Woah there! Massive epiphany moment this week ....Β totes emosh! Here is the latest Project Pick Me Up update ...

It is me or the house …. it can never be both…or can it?!

Am I allowed to admit that I spend more time styling and faffing with myΒ house than I do with my nails, hair or make-up? I can't believe I have just admitted this πŸ˜‚Β I can lose hours moving around furniture, only to look up realise that it is 3pm and I have to rush out of ...

Project Pick me Up | Week 3 … the one where I party!

  Week 3 was a good one! Things are definitely on the UP!