Shark v Dyson: The Results!

THE MOST frequently asked question on the TeamTOMM Facebook Group is which is better the Shark or the Dyson?

So I asked Shark and Dyson to send me their machines so I could test them and answer the question once and for all (I never dreamed they would say yes!!)

Here is what I found! And BOY WAS IT INTENSE!
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Are Kids Sabotaging Your Cleaning?

I have three boys, they have all at one time or other (or all at the same if I’ve been unlucky) tried to sabotage my attempts to keep the house in order … here is how I cope.

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Bathrooms: Are you cleaning these?

Bathroom cleaning is a hot topic in TeamTOMM. I promise they aren’t as scary to clean as people think and if you make sure that you approach bathroom cleaning with a little and often mindset then you will always be on top of them!

But bathroom cleaning is a bit more than the loo and the sink, so I thought I would write a handy little list just as a reminder of the most forgotten areas of the bathroom when it comes to getting them looking all sparkly and shiz!

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Top 5 things you might be forgetting to clean in the kitchen!

You’ve set your timer and you’ve blitzed your kitchen whilst listening to the TeamTOMM cleaning playlist (available on my Youtube channel) but have you cleaned these?

The crumb catcher in the toaster … where the raisins from your fruit loaf go to die.

The seal around your fridge and freezer … often neglected, but so satisfying to clean!

The cutlery drawer tray … I don’t know how it gets so dusty in there!

The extractor fan filters … mine can go in the dishwasher!

The kitchen cupboard kickboards … when was the last time you get on your hands and knees and gave them a good scrub?

There you have it … next time it is kitchen day spread the cleaning love between these five!