Level 1 Jobs Free Printable

It seems that lots of you like a good old checklist! So after MANY requests for a printable version of the daily jobs here it is … ❤️

Don’t forget you can watch my level 1 jobs video here

You can download the free printable for the level 1 jobs here level 1 jobs PDF

Please note that this printable is for your personal use only.


My Week Day Morning Routine

When I published my morning routine video lots of you requested a written down version to help inspire and motivate you. So here it is …. I hope it helps.

You can print it out for free MORNING ROUTINE

If you want to watch the morning routine video then it is here …

morning routine

Organised Christmas: TEMPLATE

So many of you have asked for a printable template of The Organised Christmas Plan! It seems like that you all like the satisfaction of ticking off the jobs! … print it off … stick it on your fridge, in your diary, wherever you want!

Here’s how to use it ….Follow along with the weekly tasks that I set for you every Monday (on here, Instagram or Facebook – the choice is yours), fill in the jobs for that week, tick them off and get ready to have a stress free and totally organised Christmas!

DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE HERE  It is totally free to download!

All I ask is if you are following along please please share the blog on your social media pages 😍


Gem x


The Clutter Buster: For When You Have Too Much Stuff!

Do you live in a one bed flat but have enough clutter to fill a castle?

You can’t clean around clutter! If you want to start The Organised Mum Method but find yourself staring at piles of junk and having no idea where to start, then you NEED this!

If you like the idea of cleaning for 30 minutes a day but know when the timer pinged you’d still be fighting your way through your backdated Next catalogues  – and you haven’t even lifted a duster yet – then you REALLY NEED to read this!

I am going help you to bust through the clutter in an efficient way!

Welcome to the Clutter Buster Challenge – are you up for it?

As always it is FREE to download! All that I ask is that if you are following along please share the blog with your friends! Thank you 😍



1 Week Boot Camp! For When You’ve Lost Control of The Housework!


Ok soldier this is NOT going to be an easy week … but if you want a clean home at the end of it then I am afraid you are just going to have to suck it up. So shoulders back, roll up your sleeves and put your positive pants on … I’ll hold your hand the whole way. 

If you stick with it then I promise that by the end of the week you will have a SUPER clean house and you will then be able to keep on top of all the housework with only 30 minutes a day by using The Organised Mum Method

It will all be worth it in the end!

Ok we’re going in.…. So you will notice that I have got your working HARD Monday to Friday – Unlike the original Organised Mum Method there is no timer involved. That is because you have to complete ALL the jobs on the list.

I told you this was hardcore …

But hey its only for one week and then next week you can join in with the rest of us and it will all seem like a walk in the park! For constant motivation, head over to the Facebook and Instagram feeds!

Saturday and Sunday  are for you to sort out any miscellaneous rooms that are not covered … think study/conservatory/dining room etc. Don’t slack though GET IT DONE!

OK Ready?


Download and Print The Bootcamp Plan Here   messy house bootcamp

messy house bootcamp