Lush Mushroom Curry

I am so excited about sharing this with you because it is BLOODY LUSH ... hence the name  😜 This is fab served with my onion bhajis! Print and keep Lush mushroom curry  


30 Second Chicken (previously known as THE Lemon Chicken)

So many of you LOVE this recipe! I took it off the blog three days ago to edit it and you have been messaging/emailing me asking me where it went! I have given it a little tweak as there was some confusion over the gravy 😂 After the chicken has cooked it will have left behind … Continue reading 30 Second Chicken (previously known as THE Lemon Chicken)

Slow Cooker Bolognese

Before we get down to the nitty gritty I just want to have a quick word about slow cookers. You never need as much liquid as when you do conventional stovetop cooking. This is because the liquid doesn't evaporate away and if you are cooking with meat, it will release fat as it cooks. So with this in mind … Continue reading Slow Cooker Bolognese

Slow Cooker Boozy Lamb Shanks

I love Mike but God bless him, he is slightly late to the slow cooker party ... he saw me prep this yesterday (he is usually at work when I prep dinner but as it was Sunday he was wandering around with nothing to do 😂). When I served it up do you know what … Continue reading Slow Cooker Boozy Lamb Shanks

Slow Cooker Italian Chicken | 3 ingredients!

  This is soooooo easy and goes really well chopped into pasta (it creates a beautiful sauce as it cooks) or served with potato wedges. If you want to make it dairy free just use dairy-free pesto! Download the printable recipe card below Recipe Card Italian Chicken