Onion Bhajis

I'm just going to leave these here ... make them ... eat them ... you WILL be back for more! Print and keep onion bhajis  


Lush Mushroom Curry

I am so excited about sharing this with you because it is BLOODY LUSH ... hence the name  😜 This is fab served with my onion bhajis! Print and keep Lush mushroom curry  

Easy Gremolata – Perfect With Fish!

If you are craving a bit of med sunshine (and let's face who isn't in this dreary weather) then inject some SUN into your meals with this zesty and fresh gremolata. We had it on Monday night with baked cod and sweet potato wedges. It was so simple but so GOOD!  PRINT AND KEEP THE RECIPE  

Braised Red Cabbage (dairy free)

My kids LOVE this recipe ... I think it is the bright colour and the fact that it has a lovely sticky sweetness. The beauty of this is the longer it cooks for the more gorgeously sticky it becomes (just make sure to watch out for it getting too dry!). You will need:  1 red … Continue reading Braised Red Cabbage (dairy free)

Creamy Celeriac & Potato Gratin (dairy free)

If you are dairy free you will love this dreamy side dish! It is soooooo creamy!!!! (actually you'll love this even if you aren't dairy free!) You will need:   4 or 5 large potatoes 1 celeriac 1 medium onion 250g of soy cream ( I used Alpro) 1 veg stock cube 100g grated dairy free cheese (I used … Continue reading Creamy Celeriac & Potato Gratin (dairy free)