Category: DAIRY FREE

Slow Cooker Veggie Bean Chilli (Dairy Free)

Corr!!! This is a goodie and it is so versatile! Serve it with rice, or in a wrap for a burrito type deal!     Advertisements

Slow Cooker Arrabiata

The slow cooker is used here to get the ultimate flavour from the tomatoes AND it is ready when you get home from work ... WINNING! Serve with pasta for a tasty meat-free dish!

Fakeaway Slow Cooker Chicken Korma

The veggie version of this which you can find here was such a massive hit that I had to share my chicken version ... ❤️

Slow Cooker Lamb Shoulder V. EASY!

Do you like lamb? Do you like Sundays? So you like lamb on a Sunday? Then you'll LOVE this!

Slow Cooker Gammon in Pineapple

Roll Up! Roll Up! If you are on the hunt for an easy (and when I say easy .... I mean EASY) recipe for your Christmas repertoire then this ladies and gentleman is the answer to your prayers. The end result is the most beautiful smoked gammon join that has a sticky sweetness that will ...

Braised Red Cabbage (dairy free)

My kids LOVE this recipe ... I think it is the bright colour and the fact that it has a lovely sticky sweetness. The beauty of this is the longer it cooks for the more gorgeously sticky it becomes (just make sure to watch out for it getting too dry!). You will need:  1 red ...

Mike’s Christmas Pavlova (Dairy Free)

There are many reasons why I love my husband! However, very early on in our relationship, he made it very clear that he was the king of baking and sweet treats! This gave him major boyfriend brownie points! So here is his Christmas Pavlova ... it is totally yummy and the perfection of this is that the ...