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Mum Down! The Butterfly Effect of a Mum Getting Sick.

I am sat here in some very fetching pjs (If you have been following me on Instagram and Facebook then you will know the ones I mean!). I am the embodiment of a sexy domestic goddess. I just hope the Next delivery lady doesn't knock on the door (I waiting on an order of a ...

Good Mums Have Sticky Floors? How To Avoid The Mum Guilt Trap and Be Happier Just The Way You Are!

  I think a good mum is a good mum. FULL STOP. We come in all different guises: Sporty mums, fashionista mums (not me 😂), uber chilled mums and mums that like Pringles a little too much (that's me!) How those memes have haunted me over the years! Personally, when I have a clean and tidy ...

My Toddler is a Sleep Thief! How I Cope With Sleep Deprivation!

I think there is a very good chance that Ben is turning nocturnal ... in my lastest vlog I talk about how I cope with a woeful lack of sleep! Gem x  

Your Questions Answered!

So I invited you all to send in your questions (I said they could have been about absolutely anything as long as they weren't rude 🤣) ....

The Weekend: When You’ve Got Kids!

The weekend ... I look forward to you every single week ... but man you've changed .... you're just not the same now I've got kids!

How To Cope When Your Kids Get Sick: What To Do When The Sick Bug Strikes!

Do you remember the time before kids, when you were able to go to bed for as long as it took for you to recover? WELL THOSE DAYS ARE OVER SOLDIER!  Now you are a parent, getting sick is a luxury that you can ill afford (see what I did there?!) Prevention is KEY!   I ...

Cleaning with kids around … The Struggle is Real People!

Half term is in full swing here and this is my current mood ..... Who feels the same?