The Capsule Wardrobe – In search of the clothing Holy Grail!

Wardrobe of DREAMS! 

I have been on a quest to create a capsule wardrobe for many many years. Sadly, it was a fool’s errand and I have not been successful.

I have the will but sadly not the execution!

I know the theory (I think we all do)  … find a style that works for you – choose your colours and then find some classic pieces that mix and match.

But, I can’t do it! <<wails>>

To be fair, it is not entirely my fault! I do come from a long line of clothes hoarders – my Nana had to tie her wardrobe doors closed with string (her wardrobe was that full!)

I also have no idea what my style is – I know what I would like it be – I want to look classic with an edgy twist –  but I can’t pull it off!

Then when it comes to the necessary “cull” I can’t bear to part with some items (I have an ancient pair of jeans that I use for painting and doing the garden in) – I can’t throw them out as they get used all the time but then again they don’t fit in with the whole minimalistic philosophy – perhaps people who have capsule wardrobes aren’t the DIY type or gardening type :)?!

Who knows!  But over time – despite not being able to achieve the perfect capsule wardrobe (does it even exist?!) I have come up with the some top tips to help keep your wardrobe as organised as possible.

Hey .. it may not be capsule but it IS organised!

  • At the the turn of the season pack away anything that you won’t be wearing – Think thick winter coats and jumpers or flimsy summer dresses and shorts. Pack them away neatly folded and put them somewhere safe. This does two things … keeps your wardrobe as uncluttered as possible and as an added bonus it is like Christmas when you unpack the clothes again. I always find something I forgot I had!  It is like going shopping without spending any money! I did this yesterday and found a pair of trousers from last year that I had forgotten existed – I am wearing them today! Happy days!
  • When you pack away your clothes be realistic! If there is anything that you haven’t worn/doesn’t fit or has seen better days … GET RID! 
  • Only buy clothes that fit – now this may sound very obvious. But I KNOW there will be some of you (I have been guilty of this) who will promise yourselves that you will squeeze into a pair of slightly too small jeans when they buy them – but let’s be truthful it won’t happen and they will just sit in your wardrobe and remind you of your failed diet! I had an amazing dress once (that was a liiiittle bit too tight) and I swear I could hear it laughing at me every time I opened my wardrobe!
  • Buy clothes that suit your lifestyle. Do not buy clothes that fit in with your dream lifestyle. Ok bear with me on this … I am a mum of three boys and I work from home. Therefore  what need do I have for a smart work outfit – I can’t remember the last time I even went into an office! Shoes with heels? Forget it! I do stair wistfully sometimes at the lovely fashion bloggers in their immaculate dry clean only dresses .. but it is not for me (too prone to spilling my lunch) … anything I buy like that (whilst it may be beautiful) won’t get worn. Don’t go there! 
  • giphy
    Carrie, I love you, I do … but I can’t wear that to Tesco! 
  • And finally if you hate ironing as much as me – then don’t buy clothes that need ironing  you will wear them once – wash them and then realise you have to plug the iron in – and they will languish all sad and crumpled in your wardrobe until the end of time.

One thought on “The Capsule Wardrobe – In search of the clothing Holy Grail!

  1. Lol at buying the wardrobe of the lifestyle you want, not the one you have! I have an odd collection of Karen Millen dresses from the days of an active social life and several drawers of pyjamas. With sod all in between lol! I’ll be working from home until August so I’m enjoying working in jammies for as long as I can – although I am persevetelg looking forward to going suit shopping when the time draws nearer 🙂

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