Spring Clean Challenge – Full Checklist of Tasks


Over the last few weeks The Organised Mum followers on Instagram and Facebook have embarked on a Spring Clean and I have set them daily challenges to get their homes ready for Spring! We have been using the hashtag #21dayspringclean. Be sure to check it out and if you have major FOMO then you can still join in and get your Spring Clean on!  🙂

Well done to everyone who has completed the challenge!

For those of you who are coming to the party a little late and want to complete the Spring Clean Challenge … here is a recap of everything we have done.

Spring Cleaning Checklist 

  1. Clean the washing machine dispense drawer
  2. Clean out underneath the kitchen sink (or where ever else you keep all your cleaning products)
  3. Clean internal doors
  4. Descale the kettle
  5. Dust fabric lampshades
  6. Clean underneath and on top of the fridge
  7. Hoover curtains
  8. Clean front door
  9. Clean upstairs skirting boards
  10. Clean downstairs skirting boards
  11. Clean the top of kitchen cupboards
  12. Clean dining table and chairs
  13. Clear out the pan cupboard
  14. Clear out the freezer
  15. Do a clothes cull
  16. Test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  17. Organise your paperwork
  18. Flip mattresses
  19. Clear out the junk drawer
  20. Buy some flowers
  21. Clean pillows 

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