How to make The Organised Mum Method work for you!

I have been so pleased with how The Organised Mum Method has been received – so thank you all 😍  I was a little nervous about how it would go down, I thought you would all think I was a sad old moo for blogging about how I keep my house clean! .. or maybe you are all too polite to say anything. If so God bless you for humouring a sad old moo😂

I have been following The Organised Mum Method  – crumbs that is a a lot to keep writing, so I am shortening it to TOMM – for 10 years now and obviously over time I have tweaked it to fit in with how my life was going.

Over the 10 years I have owned two fish and chip shops, worked a 9-5 admin job, been an antenatal teacher and worked as a doula on 24 hour call. I have also had three kids, got divorced, was a single mum,  got remarried, been a stay at home mum and a work from home mum! – so I totally get the fact that life gets in the way sometimes and many of you might have to slightly adapt the method so that it suits you!

Absolutely! Do whatever it is you need to do to get it done! 

For the people living in palaces: You might have a whopper of house that is massive and has more rooms than are covered in TOMM – Orangery anyone? If this is the case then you might have to cover these areas at the weekends. But always follow the golden rules -don’t take on too much at once and prioritise jobs.

For the workers: If you leave the house early in the morning don’t get back until late then the last thing on your mind will be cleaning! But a calm and clean house is the best kind of place to relax in (wine obligatory). How about breaking TOMM into 3 sets of 15 minute chunk? Before and after work and one just before bed – you will be shocked how much you can get done in 15 minutes if you put your mind to it!

For those of you who don’t have kids: The only bit of the method that you will have to change is the Friday Focus (in week 1) where we do the kids rooms. So you get a bonus day which you can either fill with more cleaning (maybe you also live in a huge house and have an Orangery – what are these anyway??)  or you could kick back and start your weekend early.

For the ones who have new babies: The golden rules definitely apply to you! Don’t take on too much at once and prioritise jobs. You will also need to adopt the little and often approach. And maybe even the “I am so bloody tired this shit has to wait until tomorrow” approach😃  And if you are a sleep deprived parent and you have managed to stay awake and read this far… then hats off to you my friend – you are doing excellently!

So I really am not going to go all prescriptive on your ass if you don’t follow TOMM to the letter. It is a fluid method that is there to be create the bones of a housekeeping routine that suits YOU!

And don’t forget we have lovely communities growing on Instagram and Facebook where you can follow along and get support and ask questions if needed!


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