Why you don’t have to be a mum (or even a female!) to follow The Organised Mum Method

I have worn a few hats in my life so far … working mum, work from home mum, stay at home mum, single mum, step-mum, fish and chip shop owner (yes you read that right!), antenatal teacher, doula, writer  and I even had a brief fling with a TV career (not as glamorous as it sounds!!!) but one thing has always stayed the same – no matter what was going on in my life – it was always clear that things ran smoother if I was organised at home.

I devised the method when my youngest was born (10 years ago), nothing like a new baby to throw things into disarray. It soon became obvious to me that structure in my life helped to make things run smoothly – that’s just me, I work better on a routine.

The Organised Mum Method  is applicable to EVERYONE … students, new parents, workers, shift workers,  first time home owners, grandparents …. my mum and dad even follow along as a team -and their kids have long since flown the nest!

It is a routine that helps you to keep on top of all the domestic jobs  – the jobs that aren’t glamorous but totally necessary 🙂

So why is it called The Organised Mum Method? Well when I started it I was a mum and I was trying to be organised 🙂 nothing more than that!


2 thoughts on “Why you don’t have to be a mum (or even a female!) to follow The Organised Mum Method

  1. You know I’m not a mum but I’m a big fan of yours Gemma. I work full time as a doctor and am a food blogger in my own time, plus I am married but without children. Can I just thank you for posting this – I feel I am part of a silent, unrepresented section of society. It can be hard to be a woman without children as so many mums are out there fighting to be heard and seen as mothers, me and my minority chums can be rather lonely. Love not hate people, there’s room for everyone x

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